At Homebody we want you to feel at home in your body and enjoy life the way it was intended to be. So we will always create products to help you thrive and reveal a happier, healthier - you.

Our HOMEBODY team is made up of wellness enthusiasts, artisan makers, bath addicts and clean self-care fanatics, just like you. Which is why the team naturally takes a customer-minded approach in the work we do every single day. All of our blends are created by us and tested on us (real people) for effectiveness. With the emphasis on you... and also other important things like effective pain management, high quality sun grown holistic herbs + food grade active ingredients. 

We believe in wellness that brings about joy, big results and a way of making that moment of self-care special. Each bathing experience we formulate is carefully handcrafted (small batch + made from scratch) and perfected with zero compromises, short-cuts or toxins -leaving only amazing results.

Our Pearlescent Herbal Bath Bomb Soaks are an unprecedented game-changer. Once you sprinkle into the water you will know why. This collection of wellness bath soaks combines extraordinary visual and optical effects, over 176 antioxidants, a host of plant-based botanicals, premium organically grown herbs , superfoods, active ingredients, adaptogens, vitamins, salts, moisturizing oils and rare minerals.

We are big on Nature providing our vitality and optimal health and are wise enough to know that everything we put on our skin quickly absorbs into our bodies --so what you'll find in our products are some of the finest raw materials earth has to offer.

We've built our main ingredients based on the ancient principals of the past. We want you to truly love your bathing and self-care rituals, so it is important for us to make them safe, non-toxic, sensory, highly effective and fun. As a result, we believe we have bagged the remedy to modern times and can't wait to share it with all of you.