We create products that are fun, and deliver results that push boundaries. With color therapy , alluring aromas, mesmerizing visuals and big results, we know you'll be reaching for these over and over again -but don't just hear it from us. Read some of our customer testimonials below!

I drove from Texas to Los Angeles and my body was killing me. These soaks were sooo needed. I'm obsessed!


First off, WOW! Your products are AMAZING! I've never had a bathing experience like this before, and now I'm addicted. Seriously, I want to get them for all of my friends, too! I have a super bad back, and now I look forward to coming home to relax.


The most relaxing bath I've EVER had. I got this thinking I would use it to "treat" myself every now & then. Boyyyyy was I wrong. This will definitely be used WEEKLY!


Since buying the bath powders I've taken baths at least once a week (the most has been 4 omg). I sometimes use them one by one or make a cocktail with the other soak varieties. Either way I love them so much. The last bath I took I fell into a trance then slept like a BABY for like 10 hours and this is coming from a lady with lifelong insomnia.


I was lucky enough to grab a full box of Homebody bath soaks before they sold out and I'm slowly making my way through it! I can honestly say, your products have given me the most peace that I've felt since all of this covid business started. So thankful for you. Definitely ordering more when you restock!