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Plot Twist
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Plot Twist

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Plot Twist is our very first mystery-bag bath soak! The surprise color inside is unknown and randomly chosen. You could receive blue, pink, purple or green -and here's why:

A surprise triggers the release of dopamine, a chemical that can do wonders for our brain, including stave off bad feelings. When we invite surprises into our lives on a regular basis, we elevate our mood and build tolerance for uncertainty, which in turn reduces anxiety.

so let's boost our mood and usher in a twist or surprise ending to any bad day, week or month with our NEW Plot Twist plant-based + mineral-rich bath soak. intentionally designed to introduce a radical positive change in the direction or expected outcome of your day. 

increases dopamine levels so you feel happier

enhanced memory

heighten resilience

improves focus + physical and mental performance

lemon balm
passion fruit
rhodiola rosea
flower extracts

increases dopamine levels so you feel happier
enhanced memory
heighten resilience
helps to give you a moment of reset and rebalance your day
calming effect
promotes ease
stress relief 
younger healthier skin
combats depleting energy levels and fatigue 
improves focus + physical and mental performance

pomegranate, lemon, passionfruit, blooming jasmine, sugared citrus and exotic florals

shake the desired amount into your bath under warm, running water (for best results we recommend using 1/3 of the pouch per bath), soak for 30 (or more), enjoy the kaleidoscope effects of the bath water, let the rich herbs and minerals soak away any discomfort, allow your tiny pores drink up all the good stuff —and (literally) feel all your troubles (and sore muscles) fade away.

don't have a bath? use in the shower! all of our soaks are handcrafted with a meticulous blend of healing salts, plant powders, skin loving oils and moisture rich minerals. to use as an exfoliant, just place some in your hand, dampen it and massage it into your skin :)  

all-natural water process sodium bicarbonate, magnesium, plant powders, fruit extracts, botanicals extracts, citric acid, epsom salt, sea salt, ancient sea salt, dead sea salt, pink himalayan salt, polysorbate 80, organic apricot oil, organic almond oil, argan oil, arnica flower, fd&c safe colorant, plastic-free glitter (our shimmers are also non-toxic, eco-friendly, biodegradable, cruelty free and food grade) and essential oils.

health facts: vegan
product form: mixture of salts and bath bomb powder
recommended skin type: dry, oily, normal, combination
 sustainability claims: cruelty-free
beauty purpose: passion fruit unclogs the pores, protects the skin from sun damage, strengthens the skin barrier and stimulates collagen production.

Love this product the most out of their whole line. It was a fun surprise mystery color, each bag is unique! Definitely love trying to guess the color before opening it.

color therapy

sun grown
organic hemp


small, family
owned farm

vegan &

lab tested